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Avoco Universal Identity API

Avoco Identity offer a highly flexible and configurable Universal API, that allows you to build an assured identity ecosystem offering customer centric identity management (CIAM) and data exchange services. Our Universal Identity API (UIAPI) lets you do jobs with consumer data, putting the consumer at the centre of your ecosystem, allowing you to engage with your consumers and create trusted relationships with your wider user base.

Our UIAPI offer functions across the ecosystem, from identity providers to hubs to personal data stores and more. It allows your organisation to create powerful tailored and branded identity and data services that are fully Cloud based.

It gives you the tools to bring identity solutions to all industries.

Examples of its use are in identity and access management (IAM), exchange of verified and privacy enhanced data such as over 18, over 21 and so on, location data (Avoco Location mobile app) and validation that a person is who they say they are, as well as targeted marketing options based on that data using our Avoco personal data store : This is all done using our Universal Identity API which is based on developing ‘recipes’ from API components.

Our platform has been extensively tested and is built to work at high performance and with elastic scalability, for 1 to 1 billion+ users.

You can read more about our solution features in our document The Bonded Identity.

Download our document on how assured identity builds trusted relationships:

The Bonded Identity

And our 1-Life data store options, which include apps for banking, and health data sharing.

Download our document showing you the options in our 1-Life data store:


We support the open standards, SAML, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.





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