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Avoco PDS: Personal Data Store

Personal or ‘intimate’ digital data is now part of our everyday lives and we need ways of gathering and holding that data and then sharing it, in a secure and privacy enhanced manner, that is under the user’s control.

‘Data to do jobs’ is a design mantra of Avoco and we have created our personal data store, Avoco PDS, to provide a number of mechanisms for performing these jobs. The PDS can be used both as an integral part of the overall Avoco Trust Platform and as a standalone component.

The PDS has a number of general options, including sections for:

  • Me – personal data such as name, age, a facial image, address and so on
  • My sign in – an area to manage credentials, download recovery codes and authorise/de-authorise devices
  • Services¬† – an area to control service consent to attributes
  • History – showing the user their transaction history
  • My documents – a section to allow the user to upload personal documents such as wills, mortgage agreements and so on
  • Professional – a section for professional information such as work history, education certificates and so on
  • Likes – a section dedicated to sharing personal preferences with the service to allow them to provide consented and highly targeted marketing offers, vouchers and information directly to the PDS

The Avoco PDS is a highly organised personal place for your customers to gather and store data, whilst also creating an environment of trust between themselves and your service. Your service being able to request access to data, via consent provided at the time of transaction (through an identity conduit) or prior consent if request is made when the user is not present.


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