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CloudTrust is state of the art integration between a personal Data Store (Private Planet) and Avoco Secure’s Identity products. The system was original commissioned as a project by the UK government ‘Technology Strategy Board’ (TSB). The two year project produced a solution that combined claims and consumer based identity with a personal data store controlled through a policy engine provided by Imperial College, London.  The resultant solution allows consumers to access manage and share their data in a highly controlled, secure and privacy enhanced manner.



  • Cloud based but with Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.
  • Consumers can store and access their personal data and interact with their social sphere from any device, anywhere
  • Access is controlled using claims based identity and authentication, can be single or multiple, to achieve various assurance levels
  • The claims based identities can utilise data store based information and share it with third parties for access to resources
  • Information such as Geo-location can be taken from mobile devices through GPS, for example, and used to show third parties where in the world you are accessing resources from  – this can help mitigate fraud
  • Can use any claims based identity such as our iSAML, iTrust or iOpen platforms.
  • Allows your customers to easily store, manage and retrieve all of their online data
  • Give your customers anytime/anywhere access of data
  • Secure access using a personal identity
  • Offers your customers a way to share their personal information in a privacy enhanced manner with third parties
  • Can be used as part of a vendor rights management system (VRM)

See our cloudtrustflyer for further details

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