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iGame is a one stop platform that handles many of the compliance requirements of the gaming industry and offers state of the art web security and improved scalability. From a single trust platform you can create multiple levels of identity assurance, check age verification, location at time of play and details such as the domicile of the player. Other features include single sign on for your players across multiple sites. More information can be found here: Game Features and Benefits.

What iGame Offers:

Multiple Levels of Sign In

Avoco’s work with government and identity, has meant that we are uniquely placed to offer the gaming industry the same flexibility and assurances that governments require from their citizens when offering online services.  You can tailor your sign in experience for your customers by using the concept of levels of assurance. This idea has been developed by government use of identity and is highly trasferable to the gaming industry. For example, you could have easy entry levels allowing ease of registration for your customers, even allowing them to use their social media accounts to sign up with your site. This improves your customer experience and decreases the likelihood of customer drop off by delaying the need to verify a customer until they commit to your site, e.g. pay to play. At that juncture, the customer’s identity can be ‘upgraded’ and verification checks / anti fraud checks, etc. can be carried out. Further to this, multiple factor authentication can be used to reduce risk when players, for example, play high stake games, or remove winnings from their account.

The use of iGame is highly flexible and can accommodate a myriad of different user journeys.


iGame is built for anyone offering an online gambling  / gaming service which needs any or all of the following data:

  • Real-time geographic location (includes options to use a mobile App to verify the users location)
  • Verification of users age
  • Validation the user is who they say they are

You can also have anonymous, but verified, identity transactions with your gaming service, but which can be traceable if needed, i.e. to trace fraudulent activity.

Anti-Fraud and Frictionless Payments

Help with anti-money laundering, through third party verification checks and upload of proof documents during registration (including support for Mobile based photo taking of documents).

Payment handling, including provision for setting limits based on the information you have on a customer.

Single Sign On and Social Login Options

The iGame Trust platform allows you to offer your customers, single sign on across multiple sites – effectively your customers have a single account, servicing all of your gaming sites, logging on once and so not needing to remember multiple passwords.

Many forms of authentication, including single and multiple authentication are supported. these include, social login, such as Facebook, Amazon, Paypal, Twitter, etc. as well as Mobile App and SMS Text message and many others.

Great Usability

iGame Trust platform is human centric and has been built to give you the tools to create your own identity and data services with all of the above features. Your customers get access to their own data, which they can manage and update themselves. Consent models and privacy are built into the system, both within the customer’s account management and during transactions of these data with your gaming service. Human centric design helps to build relationships between your organisation and your customers.

Audit Trail

A full history of your customers transactions, including any data changes, can be seen by both the individual customer in their account manager portal and in full audit trails by your organisation.

Location At Time of Play

The AvocoLocate mobile app lets you see where your players are at the time of play using a secure and simple interface that uses the mobile device’s GPS settings.

As an alternative, location can be taken from the user’s browser. You can even use both methods to mitigate risk even further if needed.

The AvocoLocate Mobile Location App

Further details about the location app can be found here: Avoco Location mobile app

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