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OpenID Connect Identity Platform

iOpen is based on OpenID Connect and is a fully Cloud based OpenID Connect trust platform. It has all of the features and functions of our iSAML Trust Platform, creating and managing digital identities and using those identities to share verified data with online services.

The platform creates a highly scalable platform for mass adoption of digital identities. The system is built to allow your organisation to develop a balanced trust approach to your online identity and data sharing, offering all of the requrements of a modern consumer centric identity and data sharing platform, inclduing a sophisticated personal data store the Avoco PDS.




  • Fully Cloud based identity provider
  • Highly scalable for millions of users
  • Multitude of security features built in, including Anti-phishing options
  • Multiple options for authentication support including SMS text, mobile app, memorable word, plus Social Media login powered by Facebook Connect, LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon, GoogleID and Twitter
  • Supports multi factor authentication
  • Personal data store (configurable and able to be branded)
  • Integration with both offline and online verification services
  • Easy implementation
  • User centric features including granular consent models
  • Full audit able to be integrated with many common reporting tools
  • Configurable business rules
  • Privacy enhancement features



  • Removes the need for multiple passwords to log into online services
  • Easy for relying parties to implement support for OpenID Connect
  • Easy for consumers to use
  • Privacy enhancement through obfuscated, optional and true/false statements based atttributes, creating an environment of trust and respect for your userbase.
  • Offset scalability to provide high performance and scalable identity
  • State of the art web security provided within your identity system from seasoned security experts











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