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SAML 2 Identity Platform

iSAML is our claims based SAML 2.0 version of our trust platform that is built to service large numbers of users. Based on state of the art technologies in security, privacy and user centricity, the iSAML trust platform gives your organisation the power to create mass adopted, consumer centric identity solutions, by designing around the optima of, security, scalability and usability.

iSAML is based on SAML 2.0 protocols. It provides your organisation with a highly scalable SAML 2.0 identity provider (IdP) with an integrated account manager / personal data store (Avoco PDS), administration console and full audit capabilities: Support for both SQL and NoSQL is provided.

The front and backend of the platform is decoupled, allowing development of the web front end to be done by your own organisation to create your own branding and user journeys.

iSAML trust platform is highly modular and can be used with a variety of verification services (both offline and online) as well as supporting many types of authentication credentials. The platform is driven by business rules and dynamic attribute rules, together creating a highly configurable and controllable system, whilst retaining the consumer centric nature of the resulting ecosystem.

The resultant ecosystem of services gives you a rich platform for provisioning consumer, government and business identities and creates a trust environment for building relationships between all parties.



  • Fully Cloud based identity provider
  • Highly scalable for millions of users
  • Multitude of security features built in, including Anti-phishing options
  • Multiple options for authentication support including SMS text, mobile app, memorable word and biometrics plus Social Media login powered by Facebook Connect, LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon, GoogleID and Twitter
  • Supports multi factor authentication
  • Personal data store (configurable and able to be branded)
  • Integration with both offline and online verification services
  • Easy implementation
  • User centric features including granular consent models
  • Full audit able to be integrated with many common reporting tools
  • Configurable business rules
  • Privacy enhancement features
  • True consumer centric identity: Built to provide a platform which can be trusted by your customer base, but offering user centric features such as user consent screens and account management
  • Privacy: Privacy by Design (PbD) built in and a number of features including obfuscated data and true/false statements for claims such as age verification
  • Mass adoption: Designed to allow many millions of users to register and use their digital identities
  • Excellent security: Avoco have a long track record of building award wining security products. This knowledge has given us a lead in building secure identity solutions
  • Verified assured identity up to the highest assurance level possible
Further Information:Flyer on business benefits of iSAML: Benefits of the Avoco PlatformiSAML in Production: iSAML in ProductionFurther details on iSAML: Making Identity WorkFurther details on verification methods used by iSAML: Identity VerificationFurther details on iSAML and federated social login credentials such as Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, etc.: Federated Login Credentials and iSAMLCheck out our ‘Demos’ page for example implementations of iSAML.
Avoco Identity Provides Excellence in Identity AssuranceScalability: Highly scalable identity provider for mass adoptionSecurity: Security optimised for public facing identity services

Usability: Enhanced usability for a wide demographic

















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