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WS-Trust Identity Platform

iTrust is based on the WSTrust protocol and is a fully Cloud based implementation of Information Cards.
Information Cards are a highly user centric online digital identity system that gives your customers a digital wallet or ‘selector’ to hold, manage and use their identities from.



  • Fully Cloud based identity system
  • Digital wallet which can contain multiple digital identities
  • Privacy enhanced using a selector or wallet to decouple the service (relying party) from the IdP
  • Offers SOAP based API for integration with verification or authentication services
  • Offers dynamically set claims support for ensuring information about your customer is current
  • Multiple options for authentication support including, SMS text, Social media login (e.g. Facebook Connect, Twitter, etc.) Memorable word, biometrics, etc.
  • Supports multi factor authentication
  • Designed for ease of front end customization and branding
  • Anti-phishing options
  • Highly scalable to millions of users
  • Puts your customers in control of their identity and builds trust with your brand
  • Selector / wallet allows users to have portable Cloud based identities and supports multiple identities form one platform
Avoco Identity Provides Excellence in Identity Assurance Scalability: Highly scalable identity provider for mass adoption Security: Security optimised for public facing identity services

Usability: Enhanced usability for a wide demographic


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