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Avoco’s Trust Platform has applications across many sectors. Our platform has been built in a highly modular manner and is flexible enough to facilitate the design of many types of consumer facing and enterprise/consumer hybrid identity systems. We work closely with partner companies to design and implement the best possible solution for their IDaaS and data services needs. These solutions offer many methods of authentication and identity registration and verification. Some typical sectors that we work within and have built solutions for are:

Public Sector
Avoco have built identity solutions for UK and Australian government agencies.

Credit Agencies
Avoco work with several credit agencies and verification services, to offer both offline and online verification of users, during registration and the use of an online identity.

Avoco identity solutions can offer enterprises a way of offering their employees the option to use their personal identity to securely access enterprise resources.

Avoco identity products and the CloudTrust solution fit perfectly with telecoms need to utilise their subscriber data and enhance their product portfolio to their customer base.

In addition, Avoco offer a number of mobile apps that use data to perform target marketing or to display attributes to retailers, such as I am over 18.

Further details on the business benefits of the Avoco Platform: the Avoco trust platform

Online Gaming

Avoco’s Trust Platform has been designed as a highly modular system and can accomodate many online services. This includes the needs of the online gaming industry, ensuring compliance with gaming regulations. iGame has been developed to satisfy these requirements. iGame Features and Benefits

Customer Location

Avoco’s Trust Platform offers an integrated mobile app which is linked to a users identity or data, giving you real-time GPS based location. Further details can be found in: Avoco Location mobile app

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