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Verification Services

Credit Agencies and Other Verification Services

Issue Re-usable Consumer Centric Verified Identities for Identity Assurance

Verified identities are becoming increasingly important in online transactions. Unlike other sign in methods, or verification only systems, re-usable and verified identities offer a balanced trust model for digital identity users. Verified identities offer the service a guarantee that the user is who they say they are and users, issued with a re-usable identity, become a co-opted member of your service ecosystem. Verified identities give you true identity assurance.

Use Your Customer Information to Issue Re-usable Digital Identifies

Credit file agencies are perfectly positioned to engine the issuance of online digital identities. Avoco have integrated their solutions with a number of major verification services to allow online checking of a user’s personal information when registering for a digital identity.

This service allows the issuance of digital identities to be done in a highly seamless manner, encouraging user uptake of the identity and associated service.

Varying degrees of assurance can be associated with the identity, depending on the verification output.

Verification can happen at registration and post registration under business rules.

The resultant issued identity will be assured and re-usable, bringing with it a high level of degree of trust in that identity and user tie in with a re-usable  identity.

Offline Verification

Not everyone has a digital footprint. If you need to verify customers, but online can’t provide the required checks, Avoco’s solutions can offer verification by offline channels, for example, unique code generation and delivery by letter or presenting documentation at a local Post Office.

Once the user has received their unique code, or had documentation checked, they can complete their registration and receive their online, re-usable digital identity.

Further information on verification methods: Identity Verification

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