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Create Trusted Relationships with your Customer Base

Enterprises can use our consumer centric identity system to create an engaged and trusted environment with which to share resources with thier customer base. Our Trust Platform is able to be fully branded to your needs. We offer many features which help to create engagement with customers, these include, easy registration, many types of authentication, including social media and mobile apps, verification to reduce fraud, single sign on – for seamless user experience and consented targeted marketing based on real user preferences.

The platform is easy to confgure to your own specific requirements and gives your organisation real control over your customer engagement and retention.

Bring Your Own Identity to the Office (BYOID)

As the network perimeter becomes ever more fuzzy, the IAM systems of the enterprises need to extend outwards in to the Cloud to accomodate the needs of the extended enterprise which includes their employees, third party contractors, customer base and so on.

The Avoco Trust platform can offer the enterprise a way of moving your identity inot the Cloud and accomodating the many types of users you have. Avoco Identities can bridge the gap between online login systems such as Facebook and Google ID with your own internal directories and access management systems to allow employees to Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) allowing them to continue to securely access company resources without exposing them to the outside world.

If you’d like to talk to a representative from Avoco about how to move your enterprise identity into the Cloud contact us on info at avocosecure.com about our IDaaS offering.

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