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The gaming industry faces often complex regulatory issues and non compliance with those regulations can be very costly. The Avoco iGame Trust Platform has been built to allow the gaming industry to conform with many of the regulatory compliance requirements.

iGame gives you the tools to create verified customer accounts that give you:

  1. Varying levels of assurance ientity accounts to accommodate varying types of use of your site by customers
  2. A players age
  3. Where in the world they are playing from
  4. That they are who they say they are

In addition, the above coupled with the document upload feature offers you strong anti-money laundering compliance as well as fraud protection.

iGame also allows you to federate all of your gaming sites and allow single sign on across your consortium.

Customer use of the system incorporates user centric features, privacy and consent models.

iGame can be fully branded to reflect your organisation.

For more details see iGame

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