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Assured, privacy enhanced citizen centric identity for government services

Citizen Centric Designed for Trust, Privacy and Security

Avoco have extensive experience of building citizen centric solutions for government. We understand that government services need to offer their citizens online access that suits both the citizen and the service. Our identity solutions are built to create an environment of trust, security and privacy and can be tailored to meet any type of service requiring identity information.

Online and Offline Verification of Users

Your citizens can be verified online or offline, for example, during registration, to ensure their details are correct and true.

Application of Assurance Level

Levels of assurance (LOA) can be associated with your citizen user account to provide a method of determining what access rights they have within your service. These LOA’s can be integers such as level 1, 2, 3, etc. or highly granular.

Support for Many Authentication Types

Many types of authentication credential are supported by our solutions, including digital certificates, username password, memorable word, SMS text PIN, etc. This support also includes federated social media login credentials such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google ID, etc.  Authentication can be single or multiple factor.

More than Just Identity Information

The extended solution includes a personal data store where citizens can manage their details under business rules. The solution also offers a Help Desk and full audit capability

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Gov.uk CloudStore Avoco Trust Platform Service Offerings:



       Avoco’s Trust Platform is offered as a Gov.uk Cloud service in the CloudStore:

  1. Basic edition with federation and single sign on (SSO): Click to go to the GCloud store
  2. Extended edition with verification, federation and single sign on (SSO): Click to go to the GCloud store




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