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The Importance of Data in Online Identity Assurance

As the price of a mobile contract drops, Telco providers are under enormous pressure to build out their product offering. Telcos have an opportunity with their subscriber data to become a powerful provider of identity attributes. Avoco’s products are able to utilise this subscriber data and create verified, Cloud based digital identities.  This online identity can be issued by the Telco and used directly from any mobile device to access online services and websites.

Coupling this identity with mobile based authentication, for example, phone based apps or SMS text Pins, offers a seamless and easy to use identity platform for your customers.

The mobile phone then becomes an ideal base for user centric identity registration, issuance and use.

The Avoco CloudTrust product has been built in combination with Private Planet and comes with mobile based Apps allowing your customer base to have secure, privacy enhanced access to their data in the Cloud.

Mobile Apps – Location Awareness

Avoco also offer a number of apps that use a persons verified data to perform tasks such as showing a retailer, e.g. a bookmakers shop, nightclub, or retailer checkout, that a person is over a certain age. We also offer a mobile app based method of showing in real-time, the location of a person when they attempt to access your online service or application: Avoco Location mobile app

Mobile Apps – AgeID

Age awareness and age verification are becoming more important for compliance. Avoco have a mobile app which allows retailers, such as those in the gaming industry and sellers of age restricted products, to check a persons age using a mobile app. The app makes a call to the Avoco Trust Platform asking an age related question, e.g. Over 18, Over 25, Under 65 and so on. The app then presents the persons image and a true/false statement to the question (so retaining the persons privacy). A retailer check can also be made using the same device or the retailers own app.

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