What is the Trus-T Identity Hub Solution?

  • When a relying party hooks up to Trus-T you get an instant identity ecosystem.
  • Your own service can use the power of identity federation using other established third-party identities.
  • Your customers get an easy way to transact with you.
  • You no longer need to worry about storing sensitive data.
  • You no longer need to be concerned about providing secure account recovery.
  • Onboarding your service to Trus-T is simple and fast.
  • You can add new identity providers for your clients to use quickly and on-the-fly

The extended Trus-T service also provides:

  • Optional dynamic layering of attributes onto the identities to increase the level of assurance to increase trusted access and meet AML/KYC requirements
  • Event-driven transactions
  • User consent as part of the design
  • Consents can be audited and held in an immutable record on a blockchain
  • A low friction, highly trusted, scalable and secure cloud service is delivered at low cost
  • Trus-T has optional support for the use of different Blockchains

Powered by Avoco Secure’s, proven, tried and tested technology used for accessing UK Government services

Trus-T powers the identity ecosystem and gives customers a reason to come back to your service.