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Avoco is an innovation company building Universal Identity APIs for cloud based, consumer centric identity and personal data sharing.

Avoco products provide individuals with verified user centric identities and data that can be used to access online services and to prove details about themselves, for example that they are over 18 or in a specific location. Key to our design is:

  • Scalability, our products are built for mass adoption and use
  • Verification, our products allow both online and offline verification
  • Security, we recognise the importance of security in public facing systems
  • Usability, our products are user centric and are easy to customise for any online service
  • Privacy, our products have a number of privacy enhancements
  • Accessible, our products are Cloud based and accessible from any device with a browser

Avoco identity services are used for national government online services as well as commercial organisations. Our products enable these services to identify users in a secure and easy to use manner which has privacy by design built in. Avoco products are used to drive down the cost of providing identity and verification services.

Avoco solutions are state of the art trust platform and can help your organisation to build strong customer and citizen relationships by offering support for social media login and personalised user accounts.

Avoco has a working relationship with a number of strategic partners and we are providing solutions to the global market both directly and indirectly through partnerships.

The headquarters of Avoco and our development centre are both located in the UK. Avoco’s highly experienced software development team provides extensive support via our partners and directly to customers

Avoco Identity also trades as Avoco Secure, selling identity and content centric security products such as the rights management solution, secure2trust


Avoco Identity Provides Excellence in Identity Assurance Scalability: Highly scalable identity provider for mass adoption 

Security: Security optimised for public facing identity services

Usability: Enhanced usability for a wide demographic

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