About Avoco

Consumer Centric Identity


Avoco awarded Outstanding in Attribute Collection vendor by KuppingerCole: 2021

Avoco is an innovation company who has evolved identity from hard-coded platforms to a highly flexible, myriad use case, Identity API. This API can be used to build components across the spectrum of assured identity and verified attributes for cloud based, consumer-centric, identity and personal data sharing.

Avoco emphasises security, privacy and usability. Our API has been developed from many years of experience in the assured identity space. We are highly skilled in the area of wide demographic, mass adopted customer identity access management (CIAM).

Our API design is based on experience in servicing the complex, and multi-variate requirements of large identity services. Out of this design, all of the components of the identity ecosystem can be created. Services built on our API allow for secure, privacy enhanced, personal-data based transactions – opening up the way we do business online.

Systems based on the Avoco Identity technology, are used for national government online services as well as commercial organisations. Our products enable those services to identify users in a secure and easy to use manner which has Privacy by Design, Security by Design, and Usability by Design built in. Avoco products are used to drive down the cost of providing identity and verification services and allow you to develop online services that work for banking, government, retail, healthcare, and many more.

Avoco has a working relationship with a number of strategic partners and we are providing solutions to the global market both directly and indirectly through partnerships.

The headquarters of Avoco and our development centre are both located in the UK. Avoco’s highly experienced software development team provides extensive support via our partners and directly to customers

To find out how to create powerful, assured, identity services contact Avoco: