Avoco Orchestration and Decisioning Engine (ODE)

Consumer Centric Identity

Avoco Orchestration and Decisioning Engine (ODE)

ODE acts as a bridge to bring all stakeholders in the identity ecosystem together
ODE provides the missing identity layer for trustworthy online transactions
ODE applies dynamic rules that adjust the system behaviour

Benefits of ODE

A service that provides the rails to create identity and data ecosystems
De-couple identity accounts from transaction – no account needed, seamless, on-the-fly attribute sharing for secure, privacy-enhanced transactions
Automated on-boarding of relying parties and identity providers – ODE provides the connectivity to hooks up an identity ecosystem.
Services can use the power of identity federation using established third-party identities to make user journeys and the UX fantastic
Your customers get an easy way to transact with you.
You no longer need to worry about storing sensitive data.
You no longer need to be concerned about providing secure account recovery.

More on Avoco ODE
Power of ODE

Optional dynamic layering of attributes during a transaction to increase a level of assurance; this helps to increase trusted access and meet AML/KYC requirements
Event-driven transactions based on configurable rules
User consent as part of the design
Consents can be audited and held in an immutable record on a blockchain or traditional store
A low friction, highly trusted, scalable and secure cloud service is delivered at low cost
Avoco provides optional support for the use of different eWallets, including decentralized wallets

Onboarding services to the open loop network layer is simple and fast.
Let your customers use existing identity accounts, including bank account IDs