Avoco Orchestration and Decisioning Engine (ODE)

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Avoco Orchestration and Decisioning Engine (ODE)

Identity is not a static entity. The data that is required to perform transactions often changes. Data orchestration and decisioning provides a framework to generate myriad identity-related services for many scenarios. For example, an online service may:

* need to know if a person is over a certain age to buy an age-restricted product.

* need to offer Face-to-face verification for certain customers (vouching).

* need to support customers delegating access to their account in a simple but controlled way.

* wish to offer choices on how to verify customers to make registration less painful.

* wish to use bank data and open banking as a verified source of data.

* wish to use powerful identity protocols but needs help to use them effectively.

* wish to connect to existing reusable identties such as digital wallets.

Data orchestration supports identty data transactions without the need to store the data or release a full date of birth.

Avoco ODE is a series of APIs that form a bridge to connects people, data, and services together to build identity ecosystems.

ODE is a framework for trustworthy online transactions, providing your organization with the tools to build innovotive systems that put people first.

Onboarding services to the open loop network layer is simple and fast.

ODE allows your customers to use existing identity accounts, including bank account IDs, digital wallets, and many other data sources.

All of this is done without the need to store data and in a privacy-enhanced manner.

The data sharing framework provided by Avoco ODE has many applications:

Flexible data sharing

A service that provides the rails to create identity and data ecosystems and
de-couple identity accounts from a transaction – no account needed, seamless, on-the-fly attribute sharing for secure, privacy-enhanced transactions

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Automate on-boarding

Automated on-boarding of relying parties and identity providers. ODE  connects the services and relying parties fast and simply. ODE does all of the hard work of on-boarding to get your identity system up and running quickly.

Open Loop Identity

Great user journeys

ODE handles multiple protocols and facilitates omnichannel interfaces with your customers. The flexible handling of data, channels, protocols, and people solves even complex use cases, such as vouching and delegation.

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Verified credentials

Optional dynamic layering of verified credentials during a transaction, increases assurance; this helps to meet trusted access needs and meet AML/KYC requirements
Event-driven transactions are based on configurable rules.

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Open banking integration

ODE connects to the open banking data sharing framework. Your organization can utilize verified bank data to help establish the identity of a customer. Bank data has already gone through KYC /CDD checks, allowing your business to benefit from the banks due diligence.

Open Banking and ODE

Wallet passes

The verified data shared from banks and other data sources can be issued as an Apple or Google Wallet pass. ODE issues Apple and Google passes that idenfity a person is over a specified age. These data are gathered from the person’s bank, after consent is given. 
Other passes can also be issued, for example, a pass associated with a professional body.

ODE and wallet passes