Identity Products

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Identity products for a secure and inclusive future

Avoco generates products powered by our Orchestration and Decisioining Engine, ODE.

 Trust&Assure – verified identity

Connects to multitudes of data sources and reuses verified identities using Trust&Assure, powered by orchestration and decisioning from ODE. Trust&Assure provides multi-factor verification (MFV)

What is MFV?What is Trust&Assure?

ProvetoVote – verified voting

Prove the right to vote using a seamless mechanism that issues proof in the form of a digital wallet pass or paper proof.

How can you show proof to vote?

Vouch4Me – verified and vouched identity

Identity systems need to be inclusive, but not everyone can be verified online. Vouch4Me solves this by connecting the real world to the digital world.

How does vouching work?