Avoco are changing the way that assured digital identity can be used in online transactions.

Digital identity is no longer a single, static, object. It is about a fluid, cross domain, expandable, and powerful way for you to connect with your wider customer and business associate base.

Because the ways in which digital identity can and should be used, the result, is that the use cases needing to be serviced by a digital identity, are wide in scope and demographic. Hard-coded platforms are no longer able to deal with what is fast becoming the pivot upon which business depends – identifying someone. E-commerce, banking, government, the Internet of Things (IoT), and wider industry, needs to have tools that are flexible enough to derive their personal business needs.

This is why Avoco has moved outside of the constraints of an identity platform, into the more flexible and dynamic world of the API. Our API is the technology behind some of the world’s most innovative identity systems, such as the UK Government’s assured identity service -Verify.


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