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The future of secure and privacy-enhanced consumer and citizen identity is orchestration and decisioning

Avoco's Orchestration and Decisioning Engine ODE is the technology behind products that add trust to your consumer identity systems.  Reuse identity, multi-factor verification, make decisions in real time, adjust, add trust.


Avoco’s identity orchestration and decisioning engine (ODE) is a series of modular APIs to connect data, people, and services.

ODE does all the heavy lifting in the development of consumer, citizen, and enterprise ecosystems and solutions that rely on verified data to transact safely.

ODE is based on the principle of trust layers, building up trust by using multiple sources of verified data. ODE leverages cutting-edge deepfake detction, verification services, open banking, bankID, and many more trust services needed for robust identity services.

What is identity orchestration?

Protocols are powerful but require specialised knowledge to use effectively. Avoco’s identity orchestration and decisioning engine (ODE) translates protocols to facilitate seamless communications across identity ecosystem components.

ODE handles complex protocols such as OIDC FAPI, and CIBA MODRNA to open channels and expand use cases. ODE is your facilitation engine for innovation in consumer identity systems. 

Innovate using Avoco ODE

Avoco’s identity orchestration and decisioning engine (ODE) provides the tools needed to build identity-led ecosystems. Data and trust are core to the engine behind ODE, with data enriched by connection to verification services and banks.

ODE expands your soluiton capabiities, adding functionality to build better identity services.
Omnichannel support is intrinsic to the system. The whole provides your company with a rich set of tools to build innovotive and consumer-friendly identity solutions and products.

Avoco products based on ODE

Why Avoco?

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Scaling identity to work for everyone

Beat scammers

Identity theft is driving cybercrime, putting everyone at risk. Deepfakes, ID fraud, and synthetic identities are a threat to idenity services worldwide.

The continual process of creating a new account adds to the risk of identity theft and identity-related crimes.

Deepfakes are making fraud more complicated to detect. Added assurance is needed. A transactional model shares data in real-time and verified as it is shared reduces this risk.

Protect children

Age-restrictions are a vital part of protecting the digital life of our children.

Using privacy-enhanced, verified bank data, and other age sources, age restrictions can be enforced.

Find out more about Avoco’s AgePass digital wallet passes.

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Add trust

Fraud is a serious issue, but the risk can be reduced by using real-time, transactional KYC and AML checks.

Identity is about data. Avoco puts identity data center stage; by using a transactional model we do not need to store any data.

Just like payments, data 
transactions must be verified as they happen.  Avoco ODE connects your service to anti-fraud services, and deepfake detection engines, ensuring high levels of trust.

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Anti-fraud and deepfake detection

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Identity crime – the numbers

The latest CIFAS research reveals ID fraud is now one of the biggest threats to consumers.
Identity fraud cases reach all time high as cost-of-living crisis bites
FTC (2021) ID theft was behind 24% of the 5,883,409 reports of fraud, identity theft and other complaints.
Latest fraudscape report shows cases of ID fraud rose by nearly a quarter in 2022
ID fraud now accounts for almost 70% of cases filed to the National Fraud Database

    Authenticate, verify, and transact, safely

Data drives the wheels of commerce. Avoco facilitates and empowers the use of data using an identity orchestration and decisioning engine (ODE). 

Avoco ODE is a modular set of API-enabled building blocks to authenticate people, verify their identity data, and perform checks to ensure safe transactions.

Open Banking data and other data sources are used to provide verified data to perform assured transactions. Trust is added to your services, with benefits for all:

• Create customer-centric pathways that support multiple channels.
• Utilize tried and tested verification services from our world-renowned partners.
• Remove the need for identity accounts and prevent account takeover attacks (ATO).
• Create trusted online exchanges based on pre-verified data from banks and other sources.

What is identity orchestration and decisioning?

Make ID smart and inclusive

Avoco’s orchestration and decisioning engine gives you all the tools needed to generate smart identity services and products.

Dynamically adapt to cover cross-border use cases.
Easily build and configure identity services with little or no code.
Provide user journeys that are supported by multiple channels, including smart TVs, digital assistants, and digital identity wallets.
Support vouching and delegation for even the most complex use cases.
Multi-tenancy support to allow MSPs and other organizations to service multiple clients
Adaptable and configurable to cover many types of use cases
Utilise verified data from many sources, like open banking, credit referecne agencies, open data, and more.

Authenticate, verify, transact

Mass scale, reduced cost, and trusted identity transactions using bank data

Avoco’s ODE brings Open banking and premium banking API data to your organization. This provides potential access to the data of over 500 million verified online banking customers worldwide. This is the largest pool of verified data worldwide. ODE connects your organization to open banking so you can give your customers the choice of sharing KYC-verified claims that prove:

• Age over or age under or an age range
• Verified name and address
• Proof of ability to pay
• Trustworthiness (length of time bank account held)
• The open banking data is returned in any format required

Avoco and open banking
Scottish Government use Avoco as trusted advisors on their citizen identity project
Press release

Thales the largest Global Identity Company partners with Avoco

Analyst Kuppingercole rated Avoco as Outstanding in Identity Attribute Collection
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ID Crowd’s expertise is centred on the design, delivery and assurance of business solutions that mitigate key risks and threats.

Leading the way in anti-fraud detection. Avoco connects CIFAS fraud data to your service to detect fraud and protect your business.
Just add trust!

Avoco delivers the tools to make identity work for everyone

Many repeat the mantra, the internet has a missing layer – identity. However, few know how to solve this issue. Avoco’s identity Orchestration and Decisioning Engine connects data, people, and services to fix the missing identity layer.

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