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Avoco’s Orchestration and Decisioning technology is a game-changer in the world of digital identity transactions.

Read about how our tech can empower your identity services.

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Open Banking and verified bank data

Open Banking and other bank data can be used to provide verfied data for digital identity transactions.

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Avoco API

The Avoco API is a multi-functional RESTful API. The Avoco API connects identity ecosystem components, orchestrates attributes, and drives online and offline transactions

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Orchestration and Decisioning for Identity

Identity is not a static object. when it is, cybercriminals attack. Avoco Orchestration and Decisioning Engne (ODE) provides the framework to check and verify during a transaction.

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Avoco AgePass

Issue verified age claims that are privacy-respectful to a Google or Apple mobile wallet.
Use AgePass technology to issue other verified clais such as citizen ID assurance level.

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