Consumer Centric Identity

Authenticate – Verify – Transact

Avoco apply a “continuous innovation” approach to development to keep ahead of the competition.

Our mantra is simple: to provide great identity tools to give industry the versatility to better compete.

Avoco work across the identity space to innovate – adding benefit across the spectrum of uses of online identity and identity data. These areas include:

Open Loop Identity Network Layer

Avoco has created the world’s first open loop approach to identity.

An open loop bridge is a better, more flexible way for consumers and citizens to bring identity information such as that stored in an identity wallet or a bank, to the ecosystem stakeholders. But an open ecosystem requires a ‘network layer’ to provide the rails needed to bridge the gap between data formats, protocols, and security, and that can connect each part of a complex identity ecosystem.

The Avoco open loop network layer is a powerful, interoperable, malleable, and extensible system that can deliver trusted transactions that don’t necessarily follow the money but that do follow the data.

Open Banking Assured Identity

  • Easier on-boarding: Allow customers to use ID federation to access your service securely using a Bank ID; 1000s of global banking identities supported
  • Mass support for assured IDs: Support any person who uses online banking; 38 million citizens in the UK and half a billion across the EU and the U.S.
  • Assured identity and data: Use the power of already CDD/KYC checked identities to empower your own service with trust
  • Secure transactions: Make registration and post registration transactions more secure
  • Remove the hassle of account management: Add further layers of identity checks and attributes as needed. No account registration necessary to drive secure transactions.
  • Many banks supported: Works with 1000s of banks, worldwide
  • Fast on-boarding: Automated on-boarding, and fast transaction processing
  • Tried and trusted identity solutions: Avoco’s technology has been used in government ID systems servicing millions of users

Decoupled Identity Transactions

  • Support for OpenID Connect (OIDC) CIBA
  • Provides support for secure out-of-band identity transactions
  • Ultimate in Zero Trust
  • Consent without needing an account
  • Consent discovery supported for management
  • Purchases verified using Open Banking or other verification service but no account needed. Transaction is verified and secure. 


A way to visualise blockchain entries. Customers can see a set of digital cards in a wallet. Each card represents a verified attribute that is anchored on a blockchain or distributed ledger. Services can consumer these cards under user consent. Cards can be used to minimally disclose user data helping to meet compliance requirements such as GDPR.

Assured, Versatile, Identity Verification

Verification is a hurdle to the creation and uptake of assured identities. Avoco are working across a number of areas, including Machine Learning to improve the way in which wide demographic users have identity checks performed during registration and post registration; we see verification as an ongoing process – user verification and assurance is a lifecycle and part of the life history of an identity service. This approach provides a mechanism for better CX, more robust security, and the ability to develop relationships that stand the test of time.