Solutions based on Avoco ODE technology

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Avoco’s ethos is simple: to provide powerful and flexible identity tools to give industry the versatility to better compete.

Avoco work across the identity space to innovate – adding benefit across the spectrum of uses of online identity and identity data.
Open Loop Identity Network Layer

Avoco has created the world’s first open loop approach to identity. An open loop bridge is a better, more flexible way for consumers and citizens to bring identity information such as that stored in an identity wallet or a bank, to the ecosystem stakeholders. But an open ecosystem requires a ‘network layer’ to provide the rails needed to bridge the gap between data formats, protocols, and security, and that can connect each part of a complex identity ecosystem. Open loop identity is made possible by Avoco’s Orchestration and Decisioning Engine (ODE).

Open Loop Identity
Open Banking Assured Identity

Avoco ODE connects your services to bank data. Customers can choose to verify and consent to using this bank data – this provides a better customer experience, speeding up online interactions. Benefits of utilizing bank data include faster onboarding, more secure transactions, bank verified data that you can rely on. Avoco ODE makes connections to 1000’s of banks easy.

Open Banking and Identity
AgePass Wallet passes

Open banking provides information on the date of birth of a customer. Avoco ODE uses that data but enhances privacy by issuing a digital wallet pass that shows that an individual is under a certain age, over a certain age, or aged within an age range. AgePass can be used with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

What is AgePass?
Assured, Versatile, Identity Verification

Avoco work across a number of areas, including Machine Learning to improve the identity checks in wide demographic identity services; Avoco see verification as an ongoing process – user verification and assurance is a lifecycle and part of the life history of an identity service. This approach provides a mechanism for better CX, more robust security, and the ability to develop relationships that stand the test of time.

Identity Vouching

Sometimes online verification can be a burden, preventing some people from getting a verified online identity. Vouching is a way to connect offline verification with an online identity account. Avoco orchestration and decisioning engine (ODE) works to connect these elements and provide a framework to vouch for citizens and consumers.

What is Vouching? Watch a video on Vouching
Voting verification

ProvetoVote is a new wallet or paper service that offers proof of voting status. Connected via an exiting citizenID account, ProvetoVote is a citizen friendly, inclusive, and secure way to ensure your citizens have a smooth voting journey.
ProvetoVote is based on Avoco’s innovative orchestration and decisioning engine (ODE) and can work with Apple and Google wallets as well as bespoke wallets, as required.

What is ProvetoVote?
Delegated access and sharing

Avoco offers an API that can be used to add delegated access funtionality to existing identity systems and online accounts.  Avoco DA (Delegated Access) is configurable and works as an integral part of your branding. Customers can set up data, document, and file sharing from a central UI or your own account management area. The sharing functions are granular and secure. Ideal for financial services, government services, and healthcare.

What is delegated access?

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