Avoco are continually innovating to keep ahead of the competition. Our mantra is simple, to make better tools to give industry the power to better compete.

We are working in a number of areas to innovate around our API – adding in benefit across the spectrum of uses of online identity and identity data. These areas include:

  • Blockchain. We can use both private and public blockchains to:
    • Prove they are verified to a certain level
    • Prove (in a privacy enhanced manner) they have certain attributes, e.g. over 18
    • Keep a record of consent and revocation of consent, to share verified identity data
  • Improving verification. Verification is a hurdle to the creation and uptake of assured identities. Avoco are working across a number of areas, including Machine Learning to improve the way in which wide demographic users have identity checks performed during registration and post registration; we see verification as an ongoing process.