The future of secure and privacy-enhanced consumer and citizen identity is orchestration and decisioning

Avoco's Orchestration and Decisioning Engine ODE is the technology behind products that add trust to your consumer identity systems.  Reuse identity, add verification, make decisions in real time, adjust, add trust.

Connecting bank data with the wider identity ecosystem

Avoco provide the tools to assure transactions and create verified and trusted IDs for 38+ million people in the UK using Open Banking

Open Loop Identity Network

Use Avoco’s multi-purpose API to generate secure, privacy-enahnced, multi-functional identity ecosystems. Avoco bridges eWallets, bank data, government services, and may other stakeholders into one manageable ecosystem.

Revolutionising identity networks

Avoco is revolutionising how identity systems work; changing the way that assured digital identity can be used in online transactions. 


We provide
open loop networks to help you build identity ecosystems

Digital identity is no longer a single, static, object. It is about a fluid, cross domain, expandable, and powerful way for you to connect with your wider customer and business associate base. But you need flexible tools to provide the best CX.
Avoco’s open loop technology pulls the ecosystem together to deliver assured, verified, privacy-enhanced identity services.

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We make digital identity work

Avoco are a renowned team of identity experts who have decades of experience. We work with your company to deliver outstanding identity services; our technology does the hard work for you.

Recognised and praised by industry analysts

 Avoco is recognized as “Outstanding in Identity Attribute Collection” by Kuppinger Cole, and are now available on G-Cloud 12.

Leverage the power of Open Banking and trusted third-party identities to drive innovation and transform your business with Avoco.

Open Loop technology for digital identity

Avoco is a leading provider of identity management and data orchestration solutions. Our API toolkit allows for the translation, mapping, bridging, and extending of identity protocols and solutions, supporting SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth, DIDs, and more. We offer support for event-driven transactions, user consent, and the optional use of different blockchains. Our solutions are scalable, secure, and low cost, and can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

OPEN BANKING Identity solutions IdP

Leveraging bank data

Avoco’s open loop technology porvides a bridge between your online service and bank data to verify your customers. Onboarding is easy and fast. The Avoco network layer sits invisibly in the back end; we do the heavy lifting of protocol handling, security, privacy, and integration with data sources, anti-fraud tools, verificaiotn servcies, etc. so you don’t have to.


Latest news from Avoco

Open bnaking and identity

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Open Loop identity

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Avoco is “outstanding”

Analyst, Kuppinger Cole award Avoco “Outstanding” 

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